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There's nothing that you can do.

The sky is going to crush you.


"Something’s off, my heart is telling me". This album is fantastic. #koji

"Something’s off, my heart is telling me". This album is fantastic. #koji

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Koji // Pang And Flash

Fall back in tonight,
Where the earth shakes and shutters, 
Shut it off start listening,
Pain and exhaustion from a pace we cant keep.
Shut if off start listening.

my favorite song from this amazing record.

Koji LP Being Mixed; Members Of LD, B&C, TF As Tracking Band



Koji’s debut full-length is finally being mixed following recording and will see a release via Run For Cover Records in the early-New Year. Koji also once again confirmed that Matt Warner from Balance & Composure and Brad Vander Lugt from La Dispute recorded bass and drums, respectively, on his new record. Check out a full interview with Koji here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More.”

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Most of Everything - Koji | “I haven’t got a lot, but it’s much more than I thought I’d need to get by. A simple path; a simple life.”

I know I said I was going to listen to Into It. Over It. But I decided to add some Koji in the mix. Yes.

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Into It. Over It - Ravenswood

“It’s probably for the best I never write your name by mine. But I can’t just spell that out this time -It’s true, so now I’m telling you it’s on the finest print.”

ALL THE FUCKING FEELS. ffffffffffuck